Friday, March 6, 2009


Works under the general direction of the Town Coordinator, responsible for achieving operational efficiencies through the use and development of computers in the workplace. Performs highly technical and responsible duties requiring extensive judgment and initiative in planning for, managing, maintaining and supporting the use of information technology throughout the Town and various Town offices.

Responsible for the implementation and continual maintenance of the Town’s Information System including network and GIS information technology. Oversees and participates in the conversion of all electronic and paper-based records onto the Information System. Maintains regular, daily contact with personnel and offices throughout the Town as time and schedule permits, answering questions, solving problems, providing training, implementing and supporting applications from vendors; and developing, implementing and supporting applications utilized by the Town’s staff.

Evaluates needs for information technology on an ongoing basis and designs or implements uses of information technology in response to the needs of users in various offices throughout the Town; coordinates all services throughout the Town related to information technology. Consults with users throughout the Town to determine how to improve the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of the Town’s use of information technology; maintains standards for hardware, software and communications throughout the Town.

Provides major input into the Town’s information technology procurement; creates policies with the Town Coordinator directly relating to the use of the Information System and updates/revises as necessary. Provides training to employees in basic and advanced computer application and usage. Has principal responsibility for the implementation and support of all packaged applications licensed from vendors.  

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