Friday, March 6, 2009

Travel And Tourism Industry

Travel and Tourism industry in India has emerged as one of the main sectors for the significant growth of Indian economy in recent years. Travel and Tourism industry is widely recognized as the largest foreign exchange earner in the world today. Being a very vast industry, the scope of employment opportunities is unlimited. Travel and tourism industry consists of tourists, travel agents and governmentand private tourism departments.

In India travel and tourism industry is the second largest foreign exchange earner. India?s foreign exchange earnings from travel and tourism industry in 2005 were US $ 5731 million. According to a survey conducted across 134 countries by the world?s travellers, India is being rated as the fifth most preferred destination. In India travel and tourismindustry gives employment to millions of people.

Tour operator work involves organizing tours, arranging visas, taking care of board and lodging, providing guides for a journey etc. For this employment one needs to have pleasant personality and good  communication skills. Holiday consultant work involves organizing tailor made tours and providing all-important details that are needed.

There are many travel and tourism institutes, affiliated to various universities and colleges, which provide training in tourism courses at the diploma and degree level. The minimum requirement for admission to travel and tourism courses at undergraduate level is higher secondary. The postgraduate courses require graduation in any academic discipline and fluency in at least one foreign language. These tourism courses are aimed at clearing concepts of students related to ticketing, reservations, tour packages, customer service and much more. 

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