Friday, March 6, 2009

Beauty care

'Beauty care' that helps people look their best, is a field for those who have an eye for beauty and enjoy interaction with others. With the work environment getting increasingly competitive and professional, and the growing awareness of health and beauty among men and women, the need to appear well-groomed and attractive has assumed greater importance in today's world.

This has resulted in the growth of beauty products and beauty treatments, turning beauty care into a fast growing and lucrative career. Technically known as cosmetology, beauty care covers the overall conditions for looking good and therefore includes everything from beauty therapy to health care. Work in this field involves the knowledge and use of a range of treatments, and equipments to enhance the appearance of the face, body and hair.

The main task of a beautician is to give an attractive appearance to their clients. In this field, success has no relationship to the age of the practitioner. Although tastes and trends in beauty keeps on changing, the basic job of a beautician/ beauty care professionals remains the same. This is one field, one can easily get into and be successful.

Since the working medium of this field is a live person, it is one of the most rewarding of all the art works. A career in beauty care doesn't require any specific educational qualification.  One can specialize in any of the fields like beauty therapy, hair styling, make-up, massage, facials, manicure. India has a number of good training schools for beauty and hair care.

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