Friday, March 6, 2009

Speech pathology and Audiology

Speech language pathologists and audiologists are concerned with the prevention, identification and rehabilitation of children and adults with communication disorders and hearing impairment. Audiologists examine people of all ages and identify symptoms of hearing loss, auditory, balance and related sensory and neural problems.

Speech therapists or speech language pathologists work with people who have speech disorders like inability to produce sounds, speech rhythm and fluency problems and also people who have swallowing disorders due to problems like cleft palate or other medical conditions which may be congenital, developmental or acquired.

Speech language pathologists' work involves assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of speech-related disorders, designing and employment of augmentative and alternative communication methods. Sometimes they also need to counsel and advise patients and their family to deal with speech disorders and situations arising because of them and alleviate stress and misunderstanding.

The job titles for professionals working in this field include Audiologist, Program Director, Rehabilitation Counselor, Sign Language Interpreter, Language Specialist, Linguist, Speech Pathologist etc. These professions provide essential services to people of all ages and backgrounds in developing the vital human skill - communication. 

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