Friday, March 6, 2009

Mechanical Engineering

The department of mechanical Engineering has been the heart and spirit of this premier institution right from its inception.Rated very high,today,this department is the alma mater of several technocrats and researchers in India and abroad.The technical Knowledge of these students backed by their managerial abilities and experience from the industrial training help them to adapt to the increasingly tough and competitive industrial enviornment.

The curriculum of the industrial engineering course has been framed to mould the students true to the definition of industrial engineering, i.e, to increase productivity either with in the existing infrastructure or by resorting to re-engineering.This helps the industrial engineers to perform the basic functions,i.e.,to design,improve and install systems of men materials and machines.

The student is also involved in an in-depth exposure in the fields of electronics,computer science and management.The department believes in the creation of engineers comfortable with a broad spectrum of technologies .Besides theoretical knowledge the students are also exposed to applied know-how in the form of industrial visits and periodical on campus interaction with luminaries in production and management fields.

The industrial engineering branch hones its students with the necessary skills in cutting edge management technologies,currently being employed in industry.The mechanical engineering is the oldest in the college but continuous to evolve,grow and infuse in itself a rejuvenating spirit called -"Learning through change".

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