Friday, March 6, 2009


“Marketing is a four step process that begins with analyzing and defining a qualified universe of potential users or buyers.After this first phase in the marketing process, a true marketing effort succeeds in capturing the attention of the intended buyers within the targeted universe. Third, systematic effort must be put into getting the prospects to accept the concepts or propositions offered via the marketing effort.

Finally, with all three of the previous steps achieved, the marketer must convert the prospective buyer into an actual buyer by getting them to take the desired action (purchase, rent, call, download, subscribe, refer, sell, follow the law, become a member, etc.).” But if we step back even further, I can offer you another marketing definition I’ve created, perhaps simpler and universal in its relevancy:

“Marketing is the ongoing process of moving people closer to making a decision to purchase, use, follow, refer, upload, download, obey, reject, conform, become complacent to someone else’s products, services or values. Simply, if it doesn’t facilitate a ‘sale’ then it’s not marketing.” With this definition in mind, you can appreciate the universal power of marketing. Marketing never ceases.

Every decision we make spawns from the left or right brain making the more compelling marketing proposition. What feels good versus what is practical. What you want versus what you need. The desire to live in the moment versus the desire to plan ahead. The desire to make passionate love to the stranger standing next to you versus the desire to be faithful to your partner. Marketing can be a catalyst for change. And is an equally powerful way to preserve the status quo. Often, he who markets best gets the change he advocates.

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