Friday, March 6, 2009

Stonemark Job

Manages all aspects of Merger & Acquisition assignments for Stonemark clients.  Includes solicitation and sales; review and facilitation of fees; assisting in the investigation, research and preparation of offering documents; study, precaution and execution of marketing programs, canvassing and communications with clients, respondents, finders, Co brokers and others; qualification and relations with respondents; arrangement of and participation in negotiations concerning purchase and sale, coordination of due-diligence and closing procedures.

Must be able to coordinate the needs of various parties, reconcile differences, design creative solutions to complex conflicts, and (most importantly) take the instigator role at all times. Must be able to work fast, smart and long hours. If the intermediary does not take charge of each transaction the transaction will ultimately fail.

Must possess good understanding of all business facets but have especially solid grasp of accounting, finance and legal issues which affect business sales.  Must be a salesperson at heart. If apprenticing, would work for an experienced Investment Banker and learn those skills necessary to become a full fledged Project Manager and Intermediary.

Any business experience which demonstrates knowledge of all business facets and good selling and negotiating skills.  Work is demanding.  Only those with intellect, perseverance, and persuasive personality succeed. Stonemark provides Merger & Acquisition consulting and intermediary services to medium sized and larger Northwest companies. Also invests for its own account.

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