Friday, March 6, 2009

Ecommerce web hosting service

Disc Space this is the amount of hard disk space you are allowed and is used for the storage of your website files and other files associated to your ecommerce site, such as any programming modules that your site uses, add-on software installed (for instance, blogging software, forum software, etc.), and logging and email storage space. There are many ecommerce web hosting companies that now offer unlimited disk space (since hard disk is quite cheap these days) and this is ideal if you don't want to worry about disk space usage.

Bandwidth this refers to the amount of data transmitted between the Internet (your online visitors) and your disk space. The more people view your web pages and order your products from your shopping catalog, the higher your bandwidth. If your site uses large files (video files, audio files, high resolution photos, large documents, etc.) then you may want to choose an ecommerce web hosting company that offers unlimited bandwidth.

Network Equipment ideally your ecommerce web host provider has the latest and most advanced networking routers and hubs that allow fast throughput of data with as little bottleneck as possible. Additionally, there are ample ServerIrons, intrusion protection, monitoring systems, and traffic routing to protect the data and the infrastructure from hacking attacks and other threats such as Denial of Service.

Network Connections, datacenters now offer sophisticated backbone connections with redundancy and protection against fail traffic connections, automatic routing, and outage prevention. Together these measures can insure that your customer can find your ecommerce site and seamlessly place an order online for your services. Choose a hosting company that offers advanced networking connection and guarantees it.

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