Friday, March 6, 2009

Art Of Web Design

So you want to become a webmaster, do you? You've been surfing quite a bit, perhaps make a homepage or two, and now you've got the bug. Also, perhaps people have been telling you how much money you could make from the internet.

But being a webmaster means more than just using Frontpage and slapping up a site. No, it means you are devoted to your task, it means making your site meet it's primary goals. What are those? Your site must have good content. Whatever it's about, whether it be Star Trek or pornography, you must offer something that people want to see or read.

If your site is commercial, you have to remember that the primary goal is to SELL something. If your site is not commercial, then I presume you are trying to SAY something. Don't forget this. That's it. You've got to offer something, and you've got to sell or communicate something. Those are your goals.

You must offer your visitors a reason to stay on your site. Remember how easy it is to hit the back key and keep in mind how many other sites there are. You must offer a reason to come back to the site. The web is constantly changing and so must your site. Static sites will die. Test your links. Try and test them at least every couple of months.

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