Friday, March 6, 2009

Web Site Maintenance

There are many things that all webmasters must do on a regular basis to ensure that their web sites remain useful and functional. Some of the tasks you should be performing are listed. You must promote your web site constantly. Every single day you should do something, anything, which attempts to get people to your site.

Another task that must be performed on a regular basis is checking for "link rot". This is the tendency for broken links to appear all over a site. It is most common with external links (sites move, are abandoned or are modified all of the time) but can occur occasionally with internal links. 


People expect sites on the web to be constantly changing. If your site is static and unchanging there is no reason for someone to come back again - after all, they've already seen it so why return? One major way to get them to come back is to change the content constantly and to be sure that your visitors know it is changing.


A task you should be performing on a regular basis is to review your statistics. At a minimum, you should check your page counts to be sure that your site is being viewed. At best, you need to know where people are coming from, which browsers they are using and what they visited while they were at your site. A webmaster who does not have access to statistics is a crippled webmaster who has no idea how effectively his website is performing.

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