Friday, March 6, 2009


An organization must properly define the function of strategic product marketing before it can be effective. For example, one common mistake is thinking that marketing is advertising, another is that marketing is gathering information or finding new prospects. While these objectives are certainly key parts of marketing, the successful strategic marketer will seek additional objectives

The word product qualifies a marketing concept. A product is more than a person, place or thing. Nothing is more important to a marketing strategy than the "product concept". In fact, finding the right product concept is one of the four critical objectives of marketing. The following example illustrates why the successful strategic marketer will carefully and completely consider his product options.

Ultimately, you will be ready to promote your product: to find new prospects and draw them in. The types of promotion that are available to the strategic marketer have not changed much since the invention of the telephone (telemarketing). But, there has been an amazing amount of new creative ways of applying the fundamentals to best suit products and market segments.

Marketing, the process of trading in a market; buying or selling. The taking of merchandise to market. Market, a gathering where people buy and sell. -v. To buy or sell in a market. Marketable. That which may be sold. A market price has nothing to do with you or your company. Its incredible how few people fail to appreciate this simple truth.

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