Friday, March 6, 2009


The Director of Architecture is responsible for directing the development, implementation and maintenance of standards, guidelines and statements of direction for company IT system architectures, including the following: Data Architecture, defining and documenting the data requirements and the physical data models necessary to support the overall enterprise application architecture, addressing data integrity, distribution, redundancy, warehousing and application access controls.

Technical Architecture, defining and documenting the various system level architecture components, including hardware platform, operating system, execution, development, construction tools, operation, distribution and network architecture and technologies related to application systems. Information Architecture,  providing standards, guidelines and statements of direction for company IT system architectures, establishing a framework that constrains the design of systems for the purpose of integration of systems and accessibility of data supporting various interdependent business processes and functions.

he incumbent works closely with applications system architects, network technologists, information architects, and other stakeholders to ensure consensus on direction, in line with global strategies for future integration, while also striving to enable architectures that are modular, vendor-independent and loosely coupled with interchangeable parts for maximum flexibility.

A key challenge for this position is facilitating consensus on the proper level and pace of change and integration of technologies, considering present and envisioned application environment, technology environment and technical platforms. This requires ongoing knowledge of current and changing business and technological environments and the ability to translate those environments into blueprints to lead the migration to the new environment. 

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